The SPRC actively promotes the development of social policy, public policy and research methods teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. One of our priorities is to ensure that the research activities we undertake feed directly into Middlesex University programmes and offer opportunities for academic and professional learning for our students.

In order to achieve this, we:

  • support the development of postgraduate and undergraduate programmes;
  • work in collaboration with colleagues to regularly update teaching materials;
  • organise visits to and guest lectures from our national and international partners;
  • provide internship opportunities at the SPRC and in NGOs and other organisations;
  • support research students through supervisions and the delivery of workshops on research methods;
  • offer CPD courses to our students and practitioners, including bespoke courses.


Taught programmes at Middlesex University

Whilst members of the SPRC contribute to most programmes delivered by Middlesex University School of Law, we make a particular contribution to the following:


CPD and specialised courses

We offer specialised short-courses, including training in data analysis software, to support a range of research and professional needs. Workshops are currently available for SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences); NVivo (for qualitative data analysis) and ArcGIS (for mapping and spatial analysis). For further information and enquiries, contact: Dr Alessio D’Angelo (