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Erasmus+ Exchange Seminar

Thursday 16th of April

Room: CG51

Time: 12.00-13.00


Dr. Beate Collet, Université Paris-Sorbonne


The Challenges of Ethnic Diversity in French Society Today

Migration is an old phenomenon in French society since the 19th century, linked to colonialism on the one side and to workforce immigration on the other. French society today is a multiethnic country; almost 30% of the population has a foreign origin or parents coming from abroad. Whereas French politics still stick to the old republican conception, they slowly open up to study and count migrants as minority groups and immigrant descendants according to their origins. I will first present some figures from the huge survey in France, called ‘Trajectoires et Origines’ (TeO, INED-INSEE, 2008) which shows how ethnic diversity appears concretely (the different groups, distribution in the country, in the job sectors, school results of immigrant descendants etc.). Then I will focus on marital choices and religious belongings and last but not least I would like to discuss with you some items from the current political debate since the terrorist attacks in January 2015.




Wednesday 4 March 2015
Venue: Hendon Town Hall, Committee Room 3, The Burroughs, London NW4 4AX


Social Policy Research Centre, at Middlesex University, is celebrating 25 years (1990-2015) at the cutting edge of researching diversity, migration  and inequalities.  To mark this occasion we are organising a one-day event on Wednesday 4th March to celebrate the work of the centre over the last quarter of a century.  We are also inviting some of the founder members to reflect on the achievements of the centre.  There will be presentations from the staff team highlighting our particular contribution to work on family migration policies, migrant children and education, engaging with diverse communities, visual mapping of changing populations, working with ethnic minority and women’s organisation. In addition, we will also take this opportunity to launch a series of new books by member of the SPRC team. The event will be followed by Prof Louise Ryan’s inaugural lecture on Getting worked up about Networks: how to make friends and influence people’. Buffet and drinks will be provided afterwards.

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The event is free but it is essential to pre-book a place.


25 February 2015 – Workshop on Migration, Transnationalism and Catholicism

Workshop date: 25 February 2015

Place: Middlesex University, London, UK
Deadline for abstracts: 15 November 2014

This workshop will explore the various ways in which contemporary international migration and transnationalism affect Catholicism both as practices and institutionally. The focus is on the diversity of ways in which international migration makes an impact: as individual faithful bring their religious practices to new contexts; as the faithful in immigrant societies relate to changes due to migration; and, with regard to transnational religious flows and exchanges within the Catholic Church. In relation to an exploration of the ways in which the practices of the faithful are affected by migration and transnationalism, it is also pertinent to ask, how Catholicism institutionally, whether in the Vatican, at bishop conference or diocese or parish level, is impacted by migration and transnationalism, and how the Catholic Church as an institution responds. The geographic scope of the theme is explicitly global, and perspectives beyond the Global South to Global North movement of migrants are necessary. Furthermore, the global religious landscape is also changing, and there are interesting comparisons to be drawn for example between the ways in which migration and transnationalism may affect Catholic and Pentecostal parishes as well as the individual faithful in particular geographic contexts.

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There is no charge for the workshop but we are unable to offer any support for travel and accommodation.