16th January – Families and Schools Together (FAST): lessons, challenges and prospects; Professor Lynn McDonald

  • Wed 16th January (1-2.30 pm) Committee Room 1, Town Hall Building

FAST (Families and Schools Together) applies ten social science theories into a multi-family group intervention to improve child well-being especially in disadvantaged communities. The average graduation rate per group at a school is now 20 families. In the UK, since 2010 adaptations of FAST have been trained, supervised and evaluated in 150 primary schools across Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England with 80% retention rates of whole families, of whom 80% are living under the poverty line. There are data on social determinants, family functioning, social capital, child mental health, and academic behaviour and competence at Middlesex for over 800 families. Current challenges are scale-up and quality assurance. FAST is on the UN list of 23 evidence based family skills programmes in the world (2010) and has now been implemented in Central Asia and soon in Brazil. Four randomised controlled trials on FAST were completed since 2001, and one almost done used FAST to build social capital with Mexican American immigrants in the southwest USA, and one just funded will use FAST in Philadelphia to build relationships across family, school and community to improve failing schools.  Colleagues and students are welcome to collaborate on research papers and share and analyse the UK data sets available at Middlesex on pre and post FAST. Discussion is encouraged.


If you plan to attend and for further information please contact Dr Elena Vacchelli.
Phone: 020 8411 4103

We look forward to seeing you there!