27 February – Radical Future: Working towards a public discourse of intergenerational justice; Dr Ben Little

  • Wednesday 27th February (1-2.30pm) Committee Room 1, Town Hall Building

This talk will describe how I went from struggling to engage first year Middlesex media students in politics to organising a seminar on young voters for the Labour party policy review. It will look at the popular and political literature that has emerged since 2005 on the idea of (inter)generational justice. I will discuss where the idea comes from, its links to a crisis of political legitimacy and the economic, social and cultural shifts that ensure its currency and its influence in political debate. The talk will also identify how different groups have embraced or rejected the concept and explore the relationship between the core idea of a generational politics and traditional political divisions of left and right.

The talk will also tell the story of the two ebooks that I have worked on; the tremendously rewarding work in establishing a network of young thinkers around the issue; my own learning experience in navigating UK politics and the challenges of doing this sort of work within a university context.