5th December – Lunchtime Seminar: Bans on the wearing of religious symbols, Dr Erica Howard

  • Wed 5th December (1-2.30pm) Heritage Room, Town Hall Building

Bans on the wearing of religious symbols – especially the Islamic head scarf and face veil – have been enacted in, for example, France and Belgium and are being debated in some other European countries, like the Netherlands. But bans are also being enforced by employers and service providers and in educational establishments at more local levels.
The presentation will start with an analysis of the arguments used for and against legislative bans on the wearing of religious symbols in political and popular debates, in the academic literature and in court cases.  This is followed by a brief discussion of the meaning of the term ‘religion’ and ‘belief’.  The following questions will be examined: are these bans a violation of the human right to freedom of religion and/or of anti-discrimination law?

If you plan to attend and for further information please contact Dr Elena Vacchelli.
Phone: 020 8411 4103

We look forward to seeing you there!