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  • Guest editors: Louise Ryan and Elena Vacchelli

Religion and Gender has just published its latest issue. We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit the Religion and Gender website to download articles and items of interest.

Vol 3, No 1 (2013): Gender, Religion and Migration

Guest Editorial

Introduction: Gender, Religion and Migration

  • Louise Ryan, Elena Vacchelli

Articles (special issue)

“This is Not the Holy Land”: Gendered Filipino Migrants in Israel and the Intersectional Diversity of Religious Belonging

  • Vivienne Jackson

 Politics as a Vocation: Prayer, Civic Engagement and the Gendered Re-Enchantment of the City

  • Amy Duffuor, Alana Harris

 Religion, Migration and Gender Strategies: Brazilian (Catholic and Evangelical) Missionaries in Barcelona

  • Marcos de Araújo Silva, Donizete Rodrigues

 Mermaids and Spirit Spouses: Rituals as Technologies of Gender in Transnational African Pentecostal Spaces

  • Jeanne Rey

Bazaar Pagodas – Transnational Religion, Postsocialist Marketplaces and Vietnamese Migrant Women in Berlin

  • Gertrud Huwelmeier

“Mothering through Islam”: Narratives of Religious Identity in London

  •  Louise Ryan, Elena Vacchelli

Articles (open section)

“Cooking with Gordon”: Food, Health, and the Elasticity of Evangelical Gender Roles(and Belt Sizes) on The 700 Club

  • Travis Warren Cooper

Book Reviews

Review of Caroline Blyth, The Narrative of Rape in Genesis 34: Interpreting Dinah’s Silence, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2010

  • Sandie Gravett

Review of Marie-Therese Charpentier, Indian Female Gurus in Contemporary Hinduism: A Study of Central Aspects and Expressions of Their Religious Leadership, Abo: Abo Akademi University Press 2010

  • Birgit Heller

Review of Renata Pepicelli, Il velo nell’Islam: Storia, politica, estetica [The Veil in Islam: History, Politics and Aesthetics], Roma: Carocci Editore 2012

  • Pia Karlsson Minganti

Review of Pamela Sue Anderson (ed.), New Topics in Feminist Philosophy of Religion: Contestations and Transcendence Incarnate, Dordrecht: Springer 2010

  • Ursula King

Review of Kevin J. Burke, Masculinities and Other Hopeless Causes at an All-Boys Catholic School, New York: Peter Lang 2011

  • Shenila Khoja-Moolji

Review of Lynn Gerber, Seeking the Straight and the Narrow: Weight Loss and Sexual Reorientation in Evangelical America, Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press 2011

  • Michelle Lelwica

Review of Sa’diyya Shaikh, Sufi Narratives of Intimacy, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press 2012

  • Dilyana Mincheva

Review of Christina L.H. Traina, Erotic Attunement: Parenthood and the Ethics of Sensuality Between Unequals, Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press 2011

  • Barbara Oud

Review of Patricia Beattie Jung and Aana Marie Vigen (eds.), God, Science, Sex, Gender: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics, Urbana, Chicago and Springfield: University of Illinois Press 2010

  • Beth Anne Robertson

Review of Teresa Berger, Gender Differences and the Making of Liturgical History: Lifting a Veil on Liturgy’s Past, Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate 2011

  • Susan Roll