Social Firms InfoMine launched this week

Social Firms InfoMine is an innovative online diagnostic toolkit designed to find information and resources on the social firm sector and on how to develop a social firm. Social firms are enterprises whose specific purpose is to create quality jobs for people disadvantaged in the labour market.

The toolkit includes an online questionnaire which guides the user through a set of questions, then produces a bespoke report with tailor-made information and links to relevant resources. Registered users can also search the entire resource database.

InfoMine has been developed as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project between Social Firms UK and Middlesex University’s Social Policy Research Centre.

The project team included:

Company Supervisor:                        Di Cunliffe, Social Firms UK
Knowledge Base Supervisor:             Alessio D’Angelo, Middlesex University
Knowledge Base Advisory Team:      Mel Evans, Fergus Lyon, Eleonore Kofman – Middlesex University
KTP Associate:                                  Carly Malling
Project Officer:                                   Magdolna Lőrinc, Middlesex University

For further information about this KTP and to download the project report, click here.

If you want to find out more about the social firm sector and starting, running and growing a social firm, InfoMine is here to help!