Special Issue on Migration, Gender and Religion

  • Guest Editors: Prof. Louise Ryan and Dr. Elena Vacchelli

This special issue on Migration, Gender and Religion builds on a symposium at Middlesex University held in November 2011 to explore comparisons and contrasts across different religious communities ranging from Muslim, Catholic, Pentecostal, Buddhist to Hindu. This collection of articles brings together empirical research from different academic disciplines, including sociology, geography and anthropology and uses a range of methods to engage with and research different migrant groups in particular urban contexts.  While some papers focus on individual case studies to explore the experiences of specific faith groups, others offer a comparative perspective bringing together data from different religions.

Table of contents

  • Louise Ryan and Elena Vacchelli


  • Vivienne Jackson

Intersecting identities creating diverse perceptions and experiences with intimate cross-gender relationships amongst South Asian youth in Canada

  •  Amy Duffuor and Alana Harris

Politics as a vocation: prayer, civic engagement and the gendered re-enchantment of the city

  • Marcos de Araújo Silva and Donizete Rodrigues

Religion, migration, and gender strategies: Brazilian (Catholic and Evangelical) missionaries in Barcelona

  • Jeanne Rey

Mermaids and spirit spouses: rituals as technologies of gender in transnational African Pentecostal spaces

  • Gertrud Hüwelmeier

Buddha in the Bazaar – Vietnamese Migrant Women in Berlin

  • Louise Ryan and Elena Vacchelli

‘Mothering through Islam’: narratives of religious identity in London