January 2013

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A team including Professor Louise Ryan and Alessio D’Angelo of the Social Policy Research Centre has been awarded a research grant of more than €6.4 million. The European consortium, lead by Antwerp University, will investigate the impact of early school leaving for a five year research project under the EU Framework 7 programme.
Guest Editors: Prof. Louise Ryan and Dr. Elena Vacchelli
This special issue on Migration, Gender and Religion builds on a symposium at Middlesex University held in November 2011 to explore comparisons and contrasts across different religious communities ranging from Muslim, Catholic, Pentecostal, Buddhist to Hindu.

The SPRC provides an extensive suite of research training. The NVivo 10 workshops are suitable for anyone working with qualitative data, such as postgraduate students, research and teaching staff, community groups, researchers in business and healthcare organisations. Our training courses are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced users.

  • 1 February 2013 (2.30pm-4pm); Day-Mer, Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre, 16 Howard Road, London N16 8PU
The aims of this research were to investigate the impact of the current economic crisis and welfare restructuring on the Turkish and Kurdish communities in London, and to identify the gaps in service provision.  Having brought together the views, insights and suggestions of a diverse range of stakeholders we would like to share our preliminary findings in a community event.
  • 8 Feb 2013 (8:30am-9:45am); Institute for Strategic Dialogue, 48 Charles Street, London W1J 5EN
Dr Jon Mulholland and Prof Louise Ryan will be presenting their ESRC-funded research findings as part of the prestigious COMPAS Breakfast Briefings series (organised by Oxford University).
The SPRC Lunchtime Seminars aim at contributing to enhance research culture in our university by involving mainly Middlesex University scholars from diverse social policy areas ranging from migration to social justice and social cohesion.
  • 27 February                     Radical Future: Working towards a public discourse of intergenerational justice – Dr Ben Little, Middlesex University
  • 13 March                          Social cohesion agenda: a critique – Prof Mary Hickman, St Mary’s University College
  • Date to be confirmed     Acceptance of pay – a study of people in low paid jobs – Dr Sumeetra Ramakrishnan, Middlesex University

The SPRC has a particular expertise in the area of skilled migration, especially in relation to skilled migrants in a global city and to gender aspects. There have been several recent projects, publications and conference presentations in this area.
This project explores the migratory, occupational and settlement careers of highly-skilled French professionals working in London’s financial and business sectors, and contributes to our understanding of their economic, social and cultural role. In examining the interplay of factors shaping migration, occupation and settlement decision-making in this context, the project will inform our understanding of the dynamics of intra-European mobility amongst the highly skilled, and of its policy implications at local, regional, national and EU levels.

Gender and Skilled MigrationProf Eleonore Kofman
Professor Eleonore Kofman has presented several conference papers and published articles on gender and skilled migration in which she argues against the paradigmatic separation of skilled and less skilled migration as well as the need to examine the relationship between the workplace and beyond it. She also questions the categorisation of highly skilled and skilled migration which is primarily the monetary expression of particular forms of skills and knowledge.  This can be seen in the evaluation of skills in European immigration policies. At the same time the dominant strand of feminist research on care work has tended to neglect the caring professions.
A number of conference papers have been presented on gendered migration, social reproduction and welfare.

South-South Gendered Migrations
Prof Eleonore Kofman
The literature on gendered migrations has been dominated by an interest in the transfer of care labour from the South and poorer areas of the North to the wealthier areas of the North in Asia, Europe and North America.  Yet South-South gendered migrations are substantial, especially for domestic and care work and nursing.  It is argued that the South is both heterogeneous and dynamic and includes middle income countries that attract significant regional migrations as well as internal migrations.

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