June 2012

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June 2012


CONTENTS: Forthcoming events; Recent events; Media appearances; Academic and professional actions; Ongoing projects; Recent publications; Recent conference papers and guest lectures


Welcome to the first edition of the SPRC newsletter and we hope that this will provide an interesting overview of our forthcoming events, recent news items and current projects and publications.

Over its 20 year history the SPRC has established a reputation for producing high quality interdisciplinary research. The centre also provides a wide range of consultancy services. Our highly experienced staff is involved in projects funded by research councils, the European Union, government departments, local authorities, the major charities and third sector organisations. Our publications include academic papers and books as well as reports and briefs for policy makers, practitioners and community groups. The SPRC promotes partnership work, stakeholder engagement and knowledge exchange and runs high-impact events, including conferences, seminars and consultations.

In addition, the centre also provides bespoke courses, including research training, and a number of master programmes, supporting postgraduate research students.

Eleonore Kofman and Louise Ryan (Co-Directors of the SPRC)


International Students in the UK and Italy: latest evidence and policy perspectives – 6 July 2012

This one-day event aims to capture, compare and contrast the latest evidence and policy perspectives on International Students in the UK and Italy to inform ongoing policy development in these important areas of migration policy. The event will include panel sessions with key speakers from the Home Office and Dossier Statistico Immigrazione (EMN Italian NCP) and academics from leading research centres. The programme and speakers are currently being finalised, but key themes to be addressed include:

  • patterns of international student migration to the UK and Italy;
  • the value of students to the UK and Italy;
  • policy approaches in the two countries;
  • approaches to attracting FE students; and
  • non-compliance with immigration rules in the education sector.

This is a European Migration Network UK event, co-hosted by Home Office Science and Middlesex University. As such, there is no charge for this event.  However, places are strictly limited. To register, please contact Magdolna Lorinc (M.Lorinc@mdx.ac.uk) by 25 June.
For more information on the EMN visit: http://emn.intrasoft-intl.com/html/index.html

Opportunities and obstacles: intra-EU skilled migration to the UK – 14 September 2012

This policy seminar is organised by Dr. Jon Mulholland and Dr. Louise Ryan at Broadway House, Westminster. The event will be of relevance to a variety of interests, including policy makers, NGOs, think tanks, academics and researchers. Papers include:

– Eamon Davern: The demographics of intra-EU migration to the UK
– Dr. Madeleine Sumption:  Patterns of intra-EU skilled migration to the UK in the context of the economic downturn
– Prof Louise Ackers: Rights, entitlements and the law in relation to EU migrants
– Prof Eleonore Kofman: Family migration and intra-EU mobility
– Dr. Jon Mulholland and Dr. Louise Ryan: Highly Skilled Migrants – the case of the French
– Dr. Ruth Young: Intra-EU mobility – the case of Health Workers.

Attendance is at a full rate of £50, and a concessionary rate of £25. Details can be acquired from j.mulholland@mdx.ac.uk or l.ryan@mdx.ac.uk.


Dr Louise Ryan and Dr Elena Vacchelli (with Clare Chalk) – Gender, Migration and Religion – 4 November 2011

This symposium brought together leading scholars in the field who shared their experiences of researching different faith groups and communities. Through the lens of gender and migration, this event provided the opportunity to analyse comparisons and contrasts across these diverse communities – including Jewish, Muslim, Jainist, Hindu and Christian.

For further details see http://gendermigrationreligion.blogspot.co.uk

Alessio D’Angelo – BME Children in London Schools – 2 December 2011

This event at Middlesex University saw the launch of the final research report of our study on “BME children in London: educational needs and the role of community organisations” (D’Angelo et al.), which uses Day-Mer, Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre as a case study. The day was also an opportunity for a broader discussion on BME and migrant children in UK schools and in particular, on the role of third sector organisations in supporting children’s education, including supplementary schools, parental engagement and other initiatives. For further information visit http://bmechildreninlondon.blogspot.co.uk/

Dr. Jon Mulholland and Dr. Louise Ryan – Highly Skilled Migration into the 21st Century:  An International Conference – 24-25 May 2012

The conference was held at the Hendon Campus, Middlesex University in support of the French Capital research project. The event has attracted some of the world’s leading scholars in the field, and boasted Professor Adrian Favell, Professor Jonathan Beaverstock, Professor Louise Ackers, and Professor Eleonore Kofman as plenary speakers. Further details can be found at the following conference web-page http://www.mdx.ac.uk/research/areas/social_policy/conferences.aspx.


– Louise Ryan was interviewed about Irish migration to Britain for the BBC TV programme Heir Hunters – programme broadcast on 9th May 2012.

– Mulholland and Ryan’s ESRC-funded study on Highly skilled French Migrants in London’s financial and business sector has been featured in Ici Londres (November 2011 edition), INFO – French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain: The Magazine for Anglo-French Business (February/March 2012  Edition), and Marc Roche’s column in Le Monde (15th February 2012).


– Alessio D’Angelo – March 2012 – Member of the Runnymede Trust Academic Forum

– Eleonore Kofman – 2012 – Expert Consultation, Migrations and Care Services: strategic options for a social co-development policy, CeSPI, Rome

– Eleonore Kofman and Neil Kaye -2012 –  Coordination of European Network of Migrant Women and European Women’s Lobby «Equal Rights, Equal Voices» Migrant Women’s Integration in the Labour Market in Six European Cities: A comparative approach

– Louise Ryan –2012 – re-elected to the editorial board of Sociology to serve another term of office.

– Lorna Wang – December 2011 – Member of the Editorial of the Journal of Contemporary Tourism & Hospitality Research


Promoting Sustainable Policies for Integration (PROSINT), European Integration Fund, co-ordinator ICMPD, Vienna January 2010 – October 2011

The PROSINT project involving an international research team including Prof Eleonore Kofman has set out to evaluate the impact of admission related integration policies on the integration of newcomers, analyze the different logics underlying integration policy making
and investigate the main target groups of compulsory and voluntary integration measures, covering 9 countries.

French Capital: A Study of French Highly Skilled Migrants in London’s Financial and Business Sectors  – Nov 2010- September 2012

The ESRC-funded research project, French Capital: A Study of French Highly Skilled Migrants in London’s Financial and Business Sectors (RES-000-22-4240) is led by Dr. Jon Mulholland and Dr. Louise Ryan.  This qualitative study collected data from 37 participants as well as several key informants from French organisations in London.  This is one of the first studies of the French in London and adds new insights into the migratory experiences of these highly skilled professionals.

Inequalities and Multiple Discrimination in Access to HealthcareDec 2010 – Nov 2011

The project was funded by the European Fundamental Rights Agency and coordinated by Middlesex University. It consisted of a study of 5 European countries – Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden and the UK. The international research team included Prof Eleonore Kofman, Dr Elena Vacchelli and Alessio D’Angelo.

BAME Children in London: Educational Needs and the Role of Community Organisations.  An evaluation of the education services of ‘Day-Mer, Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre May – December 2011

Research Team led by Alessio D’Angelo

This partnership project between Middlesex University and Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre investigated the educational needs of Turkish and Kurdish children and families in London and discussed the role of community organisations in providing supplementary education and supporting schools in integrating these children.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Project– Nov 2011 – Nov 2012

Research Team led by Alessio D’Angelo

This project links the expertise within the Social Policy Research Centre at Middlesex University with Social Firms UK, the umbrella organisation representing, supporting and developing the social firms sector in the UK. It aims to investigate the UK Social Firm sector in order to equip Social Firms UK (SFUK) with the information and tools to better understand, support, strengthen and grow the sector. It will produce a comprehensive assessment framework to enable reliable mapping of the social firm sector, market testing toolkit for start up social firms and business development toolkit to help grow social firms.

Welfare needs of Turkish and Kurdish Communities in London – January-June 2012

Research Team led by Alessio D’Angelo

This community-based research project investigates the welfare and advice needs of Turkish and Kurdish communities in London – with a particular focus on the North London area. The project is a partnership between Middlesex University and Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre in Hackney, London.

Local Authorities and their involvement in Social and Community EnterpriseJanuary-July 2012

Research team: Mel Evans, Alessio D’Angelo, Magdolna Lorinc and Malcolm Read.

Middlesex University’s Social Policy Research Centre is conducting research about local authorities in England and Wales and their level of support for social and community enterprise. The findings of the research will enhance knowledge of local authority policies and initiatives on social and community enterprise and assist future strategy and policy making.
A similar study was conducted by us in 1992 and 2002 so the findings of this present survey will provide a unique insight into trends in social and community enterprise activity over the past 20 years.


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Papers have been presented at a number of academic conferences to date, including:
– Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences  Conference, University of Middlesex, Dubai (Nov. 2011);
– London: City of Paradox Conference, University of East London (April 2012);
– British Sociological Association Annual Conference, University of Leeds (May 2012).

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