Membership and structure
The SPRC brings together a number of academics from the departments of Criminology and Sociology and Law and Politics. As an independent research centre, we aim to collaborate with colleagues across the whole university and beyond and we offer particular support and guidance to more junior researchers or those still developing their research profile. We currently include the following members:

  • Professor Eleonore Kofman – Co-Director
  • Dr. Alessio D’Angelo – Co-Director
  • Dr. Anastasia Christou
  • Dr. Carly Guest
  • Dr. Erica Howard
  • Neil Kaye
  • Magdolna Lőrinc
  • Dr. Daniela Lup
  • Dr. Nicola Montagna
  • Dr. Phoebe Moore
  • Dr. Magali Peyrefitte
  • Dr. Rachel Seoighe
  • Dr. Elena Vacchelli

The centre’s activities are coordinated by the two co-directors and discussed with all members at the SPRC bi-monthly meetings. The co-directors also have at least one strategic meeting per term with the Dean of the School of Law and the Heads of the two departments to discuss plans of activities and long-term strategies. Each year, we produce an ‘SPRC Annual Report’, circulated within the School, with a summary of initiatives, publications, projects and funds granted in the previous 12 months, together with aims and plans for the following year.