Conference Papers

Ayikoru, M., Park, H. Y. (2011). ‘The Pedagogic Challenges of Using Film to Enhance Students Learning in UG Tourism Programme’, Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences, Middlesex University Dubai, 22-24 November

D’Angelo, A., Ryan, L. (2011): ‘New academic and trade union perspectives on Polish migration and foreign workers in the UK’, Seven years after the Polish accession to the EU, Embassy of the Republic of Poland (London), 25 November.

D’Angelo, A. (2012). ‘Migrant Organisations: Embodied and Embedded Community Capital?’, Placing Capitals: Exploring Migration and Embeddedness, Embeddedness amd Embedding Polish Sociological Association, University of Gdańsk & Kashubian Institute, 14-15 May.

D’Angelo, A. (2012). ‘Social Enterprise and the Migrant Community’, Third Sector Research Centre Webinar, 24 May.

Hough, Peter (2012). ‘Coming in From the Cold: the New Geopolitics of the Arctic’. International for the Open Speakers Seminar Series, Regents College, London, March 7th.

Kofman, E. (2011). ‘Family Reunion Legislation in Europe: is it discriminatory for migrant women’, European Women’s Lobby and ICMPD, European Commission

Kofman, E. (2011). ‘Understanding Multiple Discrimination based on Racialised Identities and Gender’, The GendeRace Project, International Metropolis, Ponta Delgada, Azores, 12-16 September

Kofman, E. (2011).  ‘Spatial Mobility, Family Lives and Living Arrangements’, Discussant  Workshop, University of Bremen, 17-18 November

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Caring professions, migration, welfare and gender orders in Europe’,  Transforming Gender Orders. Intersections of Care, Family and Migration, Cornelia Goethe Centre, Frankfurt University, 18-20 January

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Gendered Migrations and the Globalisation of Social Reproduction and Care’, Gender, Care, Migration: Europe-Canada Compared,  Montreal, 2-3 February

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Genre et migrations internationals qualifiées en Europe’, Haute Ecole de Travail Social Seminar, Geneva, 20 March

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Gender and family migration’, International Symposium  on Migration, Family and Dignity, Qatar Foundation, Doha Qatar, 27-29 March

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Revisiting social reproduction and gendered migrations’, Migration, (Social) Reproduction and Social Protection , University of East Anglia, London 2-3 April

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Stratified reproduction and intersections between family and labour migrations’,  Changing Pattern of Migration – Changing Patterns of Social Inequalities? Borders and Boundaries in the Enlarged Europe, Bielefeld, 12-13 April

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Gendering Highly Skilled Migration’, Highly Skilled Migration in the 21th Century Conference, Middlesex University, 24-25 May

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Gendered migrations and the Global South’ Imaginaries and Realities of Migration in the Global South: a gender analysis, University of Kent, 26 September

Panel on Migration, Gender and Social Justice, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, 10 October 2012

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Privileging Households?  Locations of social reproduction and gendered migrations in Europe’, Conference Land of Strangers, Padua, 12-13 October

Debate on Gender, Migration and Social Reproduction, organized by the Gender, Race and Sexuality Working Group and the Migration Working Group, European University Florence, 21 November  2012

Kofman, E. (2012). ‘Reproductive labour in the household, migrants and welfare regimes in Europe’, Circular migrant domestic workers in European societies. New insights into an old phenomenon, ESF Exploratory Workshop, European University Florence, 22-23 November

Contribution to expert consultation on Migrations and Care services: strategic options for a social co-development policy, for CeSPI (Roma), SHqiperia Neser Albania Domani and Fondazione Cariplo, 2012.

Kofman, E. (2013). ‘Gender and (high) skilled migration’, International Migration Institute Seminar Oxford, 23 January

Kofman, E. (2013). ‘Gender and skilled migration: into and beyond the workplace’, Challenges of the International Mobility of Highly Skilled in the XXI Century – Women in Movement, Barcelona,7-8 February

Mulholland, J., Ryan, L. ‘French Capital: A Study of French Highly Skilled Migrants in London’s Financial and Business Sectors’

Papers have been presented at a number of academic conferences to date, including:

  • London: City of Paradox Conference, University of East London (April 2012);
  • British Sociological Association Annual Conference, University of Leeds (May 2012);
  • Embedding in Motion: Analysing the Dynamics of Networks and Mobility among Highly Skilled Migrants, Placing Capitals: Exploring Migration and Embeddedness, Embeddedness and Embedding Polish Sociological Association, University of Gdańsk & Kashubian Institute (14-15 May 2012)
  • Highly Skilled Migration in the 21th Century Conference, Middlesex University (24-25 May 2012);
  • Multicultural Cosmopolitanism in London and Paris – The Meanings of ‘Success’, CRONEM – The Future of Multiculturalism: Structures, Integration Policies and Practices, University of Surrey (26-27 June 2012)
  • Opportunities and Obstacles: Intra-EU Skilled Migration to the UK, Westminster (14 September 2012) – Policy Seminar organisers and paper presenters
  • Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences  Conference, University of Middlesex, Dubai (Nov. 2011)
  • French Talent and the ‘Anglo-Saxons’: Migration, Opportunity and Accumulation amongst the French Highly Skilled in London – Dutch Demography Day, University of Utrecht (20 November 2012);
  • Doing the Business: Variagation, Migration, and the Cultural Dimensions of Business Praxis – The Experiences of the French Highly Skilled in London – Workforce Heterogeneity and its Impact, Norface Research Programme on Migration, Nuremberg (6-7 December 2012)

Vacchelli, E. (2011). ‘Researching the urban reflexively:  feminist methodological issues’, Urban studies, gender and feminism: theories and experiences, Barcelona, 3-5 October

Vacchelli, E.  (2012) ‘Experimenting with urban space: intergenerational spatial practices and women’s collective action in Milan’, Le tournant spatial dans les études de genre / Gender and the Spatial Turn, 17-18 november – Paris Diderot

Wang, X. L. (2011). ‘Towards CRM and Revenue Management Integration – a strategic framework’, 1stWorld Research Summit for Tourism & Hospitality, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 13th December

Wang, X. L. (2012). ‘Qualitative Research Methods’, Near East University in Cyprus, Jan 2012

Wang, X. L., Kadi, A. (2012) ‘Facing the challenges: revenue management in UK hotels in an uncertain time’; 2nd Advances in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing and Management Conference, Greece,  31 May- 3 June.