Accessing Healthcare: Inequalities and Discrimination in Enfield

Project team: Elena Vacchelli, Alessio D’Angelo and Preeti Kathrecha

The project aims at assessing levels of health inequalities and discrimination in accessing healthcare in the London Borough of Enfield. In particular, it will investigate the extent to which local providers of healthcare and health advice are able to cater for minority and vulnerable groups and the extent to which new bodies and structures implemented as part of the NHS reform are engaging with equality legislation and are able to offer mechanisms to implement it.


The project will comprise of the following activities:

(i)   Desk research to gather data on levels of health inequalities and barriers to healthcare in Enfield (based on existing reports, data and local intelligence) and on the changing structure of healthcare provision in the borough;

(ii)  Mapping of existing health providers, focusing mainly on GP practices and also including health advocacy groups and community organizations in Enfield in order to assess what services they offer and how they engage with equality issues and legislation

(iii) Qualitative data collection, with interviews with at least 3 different patient groups (focusing women of reproductive age, elderly people and young people with learning disabilities)  and a focus group with local health stakeholders