EREC Capacity Building Project

The project aims at developing EREC’s organizational capacity and providing advice and support in order to build up a long term strategy which would enable the organization to become economically self-sufficient by 2016.  We will involve a range of academic and non-academic expertise through different steps over 2 months to achieve the following aims and objectives:

1)    Interview EREC management in order to obtain a more structured overview of current EREC’s activities, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and respective roles within the organization. This can be organized before the end of May.

2)    Map third sector organizations in Enfield and also existing SMEs, and SEs with particular attention to race and other equality strands (age groups, youth, mental health, women etc.). The mapping will be done in order to identify what the activities of these other organizations are and what kind of services they provide. More importantly, the mapping will identify gaps in term of needs which could be addressed by EREC (e.g advice or training on discrimination and equality issues, the Equality Act, etc.). The overall aim is to identify possible partners and clients and explore the availability of funding and resources.

3)    Organize and run a social enterprise workshop (Workshop 1). As part of this workshop we will work with EREC’s staff, a team of external experts and social entrepreneurs by proposing a series of table activities to flesh out ideas, exchange experiences and identify entrepreneurial potential of EREC (Thursday 27th or Friday 28th June?)

4)    Organize and run a second workshop focusing on capacity building (Workshop 2). In this workshop stakeholders and organization managers in Enfield will be invited so will other RECs who are willing to share good practices they have developed in surviving government’s cuts. Drawing on the third sector mapping and the previous workshop, this workshop will aim at producing a sustainable strategy for EREC for building capacity within Enfield to expand as an independent and self-funding organization. Workshop 2 will also serve to identify whether there are synergies with other organizations in Enfield to engage in future partnerships and develop a vision for after 2016 (Friday 12th July?)

5)    Produce written recommendations and action plan.