Chinese Older People in Haringey: Meeting the needs of the ‘invisible’ community

Research Team: Alessio D’Angelo, Tom Lam, Rosemary Sales

Haringey has a long established population of Chinese people, who represent a significant proportion of Haringey’s total population: 1.5% overall. Many have become well settled and have been highly successful in business, professions, but others have experienced exclusion, poverty and isolation. As more of these people are reaching retirement age and beyond, and thus experiencing health and mobility issues connected with ageing, these problems are increasing and are likely to worsen still further in the future. Chinese people have had a low profile in relation to the public policy agenda, both in Haringey and in Britain as a whole and have tended to be largely invisible in relation to the planning of services.

This research project was conducted by researchers based at Middlesex University in partnership with the Haringey Chinese Centre. The aims were to provide evidence of current and future needs for health and social care services by Chinese older people and to identify issues and propose a number of recommendations which policy makers need to be aware of in planning future services. This was an exploratory study and limited in scale and thus we cannot claim that it provides a comprehensive picture of the situation of Chinese people in Haringey.