GEMMA: Gender and Migration. Enhancing Policy through European Research

Research Team: Prof Eleonore Kofman, Elena Vacchelli, Louise Ryan, Ludovica Banfi

GEMMA is a dissemination project that sought to strengthen the dialogue between different stakeholders in the field of Gender and Migration.  This initiative was  funded by the European Union 7th Framwork Programme.

GEMMA contributors come from 5 organisations representing 5 European countries: Austria, France, Hungary, Italy and the United Kingdom. Our contribution: Valorisation and dissemination of EU-funded research projects in the field of Gender and Migration to policy-makers and Civil Society organisations in the 5 member states and languages of the GEMMA project; Opportunities of dialogue through targeted workshops aimed at strengthening communication and networking between Researchers, Policy-makers and Civil Society; Recommendations at the national level to enhance interaction and collaboration between the different actors in the field of Gender and Migration.

GEMMA website