Muslim Youth in Barnet – Exploring Identity, Citizenship and Belonging Locally and in the Wider Context

Research Team: Dr  Louise Ryan, Prof Eleonore Kofman, Dr Ludovica Banfi (with Mustafa Mansuri and Faiza Bashe)

The study aimed to explore the ways in which young Muslims construct and negotiate their identities within British society and how these were expressed and experienced in local contexts as well as in broader national and international settings.  We conducted three focus groups and 20 individual interviews. We were assisted in the study by two community researchers.

This research was commissioned by the Barnet Muslim Engagement Partnership and was carried by the research team at Middlesex University between September 2008 and May 2009.  This qualitative research follows on from an earlier quantitative study Engaging Muslim Youth in Barnet (Ryan et al, 2008).