Polish Pupils in London Schools: A Dissemination and Knowledge Exchange Project

This nine month dissemination and knowledge exchange project built on two previous projects carried out by the research team, and aimed to raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities brought by Polish pupils in London primary schools and to have a positive impact on policy and practice.

The ESRC funded ‘Recent Polish migrants in London: social networks, transience and settlement (RES-00022-1552) highlighted the ways in which family strategies impact on migration decision making. As a result of that research the team was commissioned by Multiverse (a professional resource network funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools) to undertake a study of Polish pupils in London primary schools.  The research found a mismatch in expectations between parents and teachers especially around language acquisition, the role of parents in their children’s learning and communication between schools and parents.

In this ESRC-funded Follow On project, the team worked with partner organisations, Tower Hamlets Education Services and the Federation of Poles in Great Britain, to dissemination the research findings among community organisations, schools and other stake holders. A series of workshops and seminars were organised and an end of award two-day international conference was held at Middlesex University.  At this conference we launched our Guidebook for Polish Parents on the English educational system. This guide, produced in both English and Polish, is available to download free of charge.

Polish Pupils in UK Primary Schools. A Guide for Parents (English)

Polish Pupils in UK Primary Schools. A Guide for Parents (Polish)