Polish Pupils in London Schools: Opportunities and challenges

Research Team:  Rosemary Sales, Louise Ryan, Magda Lopez Rodriguez, Alessio D’Angelo

Migration from Poland has both increased significantly and changed in character since Poland joined the EU in 2004.  The extent of this increase and of family migration took government and policy makers by surprise and little has been done to prepare for their needs. The sudden expansion in the number of Polish pupils in individual schools has been widely reported in the press, but there was little reliable information on the expectations, needs and achievements of this group or about how they are settling into British schools.

This short research project commissioned by Multiverse provides resources to teacher educators and student teachers to promote the educational achievement of pupils from diverse backgrounds. The project explored the experience of Polish pupils in schools in London, focussing on a small number of schools which have a significant number of Polish pupils. The research involved a range of methods including interviews with teachers and parents.

Polish Pupils in London Schools: opportunities and challenges