Research and Knowledge Exchange
Over the past few years, the SPRC has been involved in a wide range of research projects funded by research councils, the EU, government departments and the major charities. We are going to build on this track record to continue attracting research and knowledge exchange funding and produce research outputs of outstanding international value.
Our activities and funding strategy are first of all developed on the basis of our key research areas, the expertise of our members and the major current issues which face the UK, Europe and the world. With a reputation for high quality mixed-methods research, the SPRC will also continue to provide a wide range of consultancy services, prioritising key local and international partners and topics which fit with our broader research strategy.

Selected recent and on-going research activities include:

  • EVI-MED – Constructing an evidence base of contemporary Mediterranean migrations (ESRC – 2015-2017) (AD, EK, NM)
  • – Reducing Early School Leaving in the EU. (FP7 – 2013-2018) (AD, NK, ML)
  • DIVERCITY – Preventing and combating homo-and transphobia in small and medium cities across Europe (EU DG Justice Rights, Equality and Citizenship) (EH, SH, EK, EV)
  • Opportunities for Young People – Independent evaluation of the ‘West London Alliance’ pilot project in Ealing and Barnet (AD)
  • Implementation of Directive 2000/78/EC with regard to the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, European Parliament (EH)
  • Gender, Class and Suburbia: an intergenerational visual ethnography of Blagnac (MP, AC)
    Women’s lived experience of Holloway Prison (CG, RS)
  • Generational memories of the 1984-85 miners’ strike (CG)
  • Gender, Citizenship, Social Justice and the Post-Socialist Imagination (AC) Agility, Work and the Quantified Self (PM)
  • Community-based access to perinatal mental health services in London (EV)