8 February 2013 – What do highly skilled French migrants in London teach us about European talent migration?

On Friday 8 February, Dr Jon Mulholland and Prof Louise Ryan will be presenting their ESRC-funded research findings as part of the prestigious Compas Breakfast Briefings series (organised by Oxford University).

At the Breakfast Briefing series COMPAS seeks to make available and discuss topical, cutting edge research on migration and migration related issues.

Venue:    Institute for Strategic Dialogue, 48 Charles Street, London W1J 5EN
Date:       Friday 8 February
Time:       8:30am – 9:45am

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30 January – Migrant and BME organisations in the UK: navigating the perfect storm; Alessio D’ Angelo

  • Wed 30th January (1-2.30pm) Committee Room 1, Town Hall Building

Migrant and Ethnic community organisations are widely recognised as fundamental means of support and integration, particularly for newly arrived migrants and ethnically excluded minorities. As well as providing direct support with tailored services, they act as advocates, increase civic engagement and reduce social isolation. These organisations have been often described as a measure of group-level social capital; a direct expression of collectively expressed and ascribed identity. However, their development is affected by a wide range of factors, particularly the ‘opportunity structure’ of the host country.

For a long time, the migrant and BME sector in the UK had been relatively well established, resourced and effective – especially when compared to other European countries. The last decade, however, has seen the emergence of new challenges. The economic crisis, together with policy changes in a number of areas, have created a sort of ‘perfect storm’ which is jeopardising the existence of the sector as a whole, at least in its traditional form.

Building on a number of projects and initiatives undertaken by the author within the Social Policy Research Centre and the Third Sector Research Centre, this paper presents an overview of the recent history of migrant and BME organisations in Britain, how the sector is changing to react to the UK’s socio-economic and political environment and what possible scenarios lay ahead. It is argued that some of the policy trends affecting the sector are much more far-reaching that they may appear. What is at stake is not just the existence of certain types of organisations, but the whole idea of how diversity is ‘managed’ and how the needs of minority groups are catered for.

If you plan to attend and for further information please contact Dr Elena Vacchelli.
Phone: 020 8411 4103

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16th January – Families and Schools Together (FAST): lessons, challenges and prospects; Professor Lynn McDonald

  • Wed 16th January (1-2.30 pm) Committee Room 1, Town Hall Building

FAST (Families and Schools Together) applies ten social science theories into a multi-family group intervention to improve child well-being especially in disadvantaged communities. The average graduation rate per group at a school is now 20 families. In the UK, since 2010 adaptations of FAST have been trained, supervised and evaluated in 150 primary schools across Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England with 80% retention rates of whole families, of whom 80% are living under the poverty line. There are data on social determinants, family functioning, social capital, child mental health, and academic behaviour and competence at Middlesex for over 800 families. Current challenges are scale-up and quality assurance. FAST is on the UN list of 23 evidence based family skills programmes in the world (2010) and has now been implemented in Central Asia and soon in Brazil. Four randomised controlled trials on FAST were completed since 2001, and one almost done used FAST to build social capital with Mexican American immigrants in the southwest USA, and one just funded will use FAST in Philadelphia to build relationships across family, school and community to improve failing schools.  Colleagues and students are welcome to collaborate on research papers and share and analyse the UK data sets available at Middlesex on pre and post FAST. Discussion is encouraged.


If you plan to attend and for further information please contact Dr Elena Vacchelli.
Phone: 020 8411 4103

We look forward to seeing you there!