Research Spotlight on Recently Completed Projects

SPRC research reports to be launched at Houses of Parliament in November 2014

Recently, the SPRC research team (Alessio D’Angelo, Mike Puniskis and Neil Kaye, led by Prof Louise Ryan) completed a project which culminated in a suite of seven research reports showcasing a number of statistics on the Irish Community across Britain.  Based on an extensive analysis of 2011 Census data, each report presents an up-to-date picture of the country’s Irish population in relation to a number of social indicators, such as demographics, education, economic activity, health and housing, among others, in separate reports for England and as well as for six other regions—London, West Midlands, East Midlands, North West, North East, and Yorkshire.  On 23 July 2014, the research team presented findings to key stakeholders in a conference hosted by Irish in Britain, the charity that commissioned the work through funding provided by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.  The reports will be formally launched at Houses of Parliament on 3 November 2014, and they will play a vital role in the years to come, as key resources of information for organisations and individuals working with the Irish population across the UK.

SPRC research report launched at Irish Embassy in London

On 14 May 2014, Prof Louise Ryan, with colleague Edina Kurdi, presented findings of the Irish Teachers Study in the launch of their report “Young, Highly Qualified Migrants: The Experiences and Expectations of Recently Arrived Irish Teachers in Britain.”  The study involved a number of interviews and focus groups, to examine the needs, attitudes and experiences of this group, in particular their sense of “Irishness,” connections to Ireland, and involvement in Irish networks and/or organisations in Britain.  It also focused on their cultural engagement, migration trajectories, career aspirations, family strategies and future plans for settlement or return.  A second presentation, based on this report, was given by Louise on 8 July 2014 in a symposium on Contemporary Irish Migration at the Centre for Irish Studies at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, which was co-hosted by the Social Policy Research Centre.  This was the first event of its kind to focus on recently arrived migrants from Ireland.  More information, including electronic copies of the report, is available from:

Important new book in press about migrant workers

Prof Louise Ryan and Alessio D’Angelo, (with Dr Umut Erel of Open University) have recently completed work on a new edited book entitled Migrant Capital: Networks, Identities and Strategies, which is currently in press to be published by Palgrave in January 2015.  International in focus and drawing on research from Australia, North America, the Caribbean and across Europe, the book presents state-of-the-art empirical, theoretical and methodological perspectives on migration, networks, social and cultural capital, exploring the ways in which these bodies of literature can inform and strengthen each other.  Through a range of case studies presented, the migrants discussed in the book are ethnically and socio-economically diverse and have a range of migratory trajectories and experiences.  Various types of networks are looked at and compared: intra-ethnic and inter-ethnic; locally-based, national and transnational; informal and formal, including migrant community organisations.  The book provides a comparative perspective in order to contribute to a broader theoretical framework rooted in empirical research on migrant workers.