Research Updates and Current Work

Follow up research on Polish migration to UK

Prof Louise Ryan, in building upon previous research with Polish migrants in London (Ryan et al., 2007; 2008; 2009), has recently conducted a number of follow-up interviews with Polish migrants, mostly professionals, who have come to Britain during the past ten years.  2014 marks the tenth anniversary of Poland’s accession in the EU, and the aim of the research is to reflect how Polish migrants have contributed to UK society, how their plans for settlement here or return to Poland have changed during that time, and how people’s sense of “Polishness” and attitudes towards Britain, EU and Poland may have changed during those years

Ongoing research on early school leaving and youth unemployment in UK

The research team (Louise Ryan, Alessio D’Angelo, Neil Kaye and Magda Lorinc) will soon commence work on the next stage of the FP7 Reducing Early School Leaving Project, which will involve interviews with young people both in and out of school, and focus groups with young people and their peers, about their experiences gaining employment.  Other participants will also include parents and school staff, such as principals and head teachers.  There will also be an additional online survey of school staff and a follow-up survey of those who completed the first one.  This phase of the five-year research project will take place in London and areas around Newcastle over the next several months.

New research on whistle-blowing in the NHS

Alessio D’Angelo and Lisa Clarke are working with David Lewis on a ground-breaking piece of research on whistleblowing in the NHS.  The study is commissioned by the “Freedom to Speak Up review team,” set up earlier this summer by the Secretary of State for Health.  The research team will be undertaking a large scale, confidential survey with NHS trusts and their staff across the country and involves also trade unions, professional bodies and relevant regulators.  PhD student Dora Papadopoulou is also undertaking a thematic analysis of a large text document, the Francis Review, which is linked to the project.

Identifying social needs of emerging communities in Hounslow

We are finalising a report funded by Hounslow Borough Council, which mapped the characteristics, needs and use of services by six new and emerging nationality communities, which include Afghan, Burmese, Sri-Lankan, Algerian, Bulgarian and Romanian.  Working in partnership with key agencies, the research included interviews and focus groups with members of each group, including stakeholders, and quantitative analysis of national datasets on various socioeconomic characteristics of each group.  Staff who contributed to this report include: Alessio D’Angelo, Preeti Kathreecha, Prof Eleonore Kofman, Dr Dominc Pasura, Mike Puniskis, Magdolna Lorinc and Dr Lisa Clarke.